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Gambless releases Annual Report 2021

Gambless, a multi-language mobile app designed to prevent problem gambling, has released its Annual Report 2021.

The app was created by a team of psychologists, and also aims to support people affected by gambling addiction with a holistic mental health approach. It has been developed and fully funded by Mindspa Health, and has not received any contribution from the gambling industry.

The group analysed over one year of anonymous data, collected user feedback and tested the product-market fit to produce its annual report.

One key finding of the report was that, when comparing language clusters, English speakers recorded a severity score 57% higher than Italian speakers.

Gambless noted that this was possibly due to the gambling advertising ban in place in Italy.

Another key finding involved the operators most frequently mentioned by problem gamblers in different countries. Ladbrokes was the most commonly mentioned operator in the UK, with DraftKings the most commonly mentioned operator in the US. In Italy and Australia, it was PokerStars and TAB respectively.

“Given the positive feedback and encouraging traction achieved purely via organic traffic, Gambless aims to expand its reach and to support even more problem gamblers by considerably increasing its marketing efforts for 2022,” a statement from Gambless read.


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