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iGaming Cafè - SAVE THE DATE: an interview with Mario Ovcharov - CEO UltraPlay

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Mario Ovcharov - CEO UltraPlay is among the first delegates interviewed by iGaming Cafè - SAVE THE DATE! With him, we talked about iGaming platforms and much more… Find out more!

iGaming Cafè - SAVE THE DATE is a series of online interviews that our website will organize every month with delegates and leading companies of the global gambling market.

In each video interview, we will talk about the "hot topics" for the industry and we will try to identify new trends or conditions that could inspire your work in the future! Every month we will be here to talk about betting, casinos, verticals, land events, and much more ...

In this first appointment, we met Mario Ovcharov - CEO UltraPlay!

Mario is an iGaming executive with +8 years of experience in managing innovative betting products for the online industry.

With his work and his expertise, he has positioned UltraPlay on the global gaming market as a leading provider of eSports platforms.




UltraPlay is an award-winning betting provider, founded in 2010, offering a turnkey iGaming platform to online operators around the world. The company focuses on sports betting and eSports, live betting, White-Label, online casino, and blockchain technology.

Official Website: CLICK HERE


The iGaming industry is constantly looking for new solutions and services to satisfy its users and offer cutting-edge services

What are the basic requirements that every web gaming platform must have? What are the strengths and which are the critical ones to keep under control?

Here is our exclusive interview:

1 - Hi Mario, thank you for accepting our invitation! How are you? Where are you from and where are you at right now?

Hi Domenico, Good morning! I'm fine thanks.

I am originally from Bulgaria and live here right now. More precisely I am in Sofia where I work in a hybrid way, a little from my office with the rest of the team and a little from home.

2 - You have been working in UltraPlay for a long time! How is your career in this company progressing?

I have grown through the ranks at UltraPlay, but regardless of my designation at any time, I have been invariably working on business development for the last 8 years to promote and make our platform solutions top-notch. For the moment, I would say things are looking great and we are happy with the achievements to date and hopeful for what the rest of 2022 will bring.

3 - First Covid19, now the war between Russia and Ukraine. How has the iGaming scene changed and how will it change again in your opinion?

Speaking of the war, the current situation is dire from both a humanitarian and business point of view in that area. It is certainly still early days before making any estimates.

Speaking of Covid-19, on the other hand, the pandemic stopped several large eSports events and from a B2B point of view, it was a hindrance to grow the business without land-based events.

For the iGaming market and in particular, for B2C, Covid-19 has delivered significant growth and good numbers have been recorded in terms of revenue and interest in online products/services.

4 - Returning to the Ukrainian territory, in recent times, many companies have turned their attention to that territory. Many interesting gambling laws have fostered rapid growth for the market. Do you think all will be lost now?

As anticipated, I think it is too early to predict anything. I hope nothing changes, even if the conflict has certainly changed some things already. Personally, I hope that nothing changes because gambling is very popular in Ukraine and there are many companies operating in the betting and casino vertical sectors in the area.

We work with some partners and have been regularly hearing from them in the last few weeks. They reassured us that for the moment the situation is ok.

Unfortunately, it's too early to predict what the mid and long-term ramifications would be. Hope we can get back to normal soon enough.

5 - Going back to talking about UltraPlay, your company is very well known globally, could you give me some more details?

UltraPlay is a company recognized around the world for our innovative and high-performing products and services. We offer indispensable solutions for the industry and the many partners who work with us are proof of the excellent work done to date.

In particular, we offer:

All-in-One, highly scalable and agile platform suitable for the main online operators worldwide. By choosing our platform, your business has access to a wide variety of features and tools for easy and in-depth management of your online operations.

eSports Betting platform: A revolutionary eSports product that will provide your bookmaker with an unprecedented number of matches, pre-match and live market odds

Esports has been a thing for us since 2014. For the past couple of years, UltraPlay built enough competence and experience to claim its leadership role in eSports. ODDS.GG is UltraPlay’s multi-awarded eSports product.

Sportsbook: World-class sports betting platform and solutions, specially designed for operators ready to move to the next level. We enhance your sports product with a wide range of features, state-of-the-art betting technology and innovative concepts.

White Label: We fully customize the look of your sports website and provide you with technical and customer support, payment processing and gaming licensing.

Our all-in-one sports betting platform will carry your favorite logo and color scheme.

It can be perfectly adapted to your brand, using different sports betting layouts. You take care of the marketing, we take care of the rest!

Online Casino:

Crypto Solutions

UltraPlay’s early adoption of Bitcoin as a wagering method back in 2012 solidly positioned the company as one of the pioneers in the crypto betting segment.

UltraPlay keeps on opening a new perspective of how betting is done through the numerous blockchain technology advantages. The company offers a wide range of altcoins players can bet on through the #1 crypto payment gateway Coinspaid.

6 - Speaking of iGaming platforms, what are the basic requirements?

When it comes to betting solutions, it's essential to offer complete and up-to-date betting data feeds. When it comes to sports, it is important to offer all sports and all markets, not just the main ones such as football, tennis and basketball. More and more companies decide to cover the eSport segment and for this reason, it's necessary to offer the best solutions on the computer game markets.

In the casino front, on the other hand, it is necessary to offer top games in collaboration with partner providers who lead the market. Finally, for payments, it is important to vary the methods and offer a complete portfolio.

7 - The growth of Cryptocurrencies has developed new demand and offer! What do BitCoin solutions consist of?

Crypto payment solutions are increasingly in demand by the gambling industry. Both companies and players alike ask for crypto. Bitcoin is most sought after. We have believed and operated in crypto from the very beginning. There are no other electronic currencies that are as effective for the industry. We at UltraPlay offer interesting solutions in this field.

Cryptocurrencies could potentially dominate the market by offering low-cost solutions and they are used almost everywhere, most widely in LATAM but also USA, Europe and CIS.

8 - What are the other necessary payment methods?

Obviously, all the other payment methods must not be missing even if they are less convenient! For example, PayPal is among the most expensive.

Then there are the Credit Cards of all the circuits and the pre-top-up systems.

9 - UltraPlay also offers interesting API solutions. What are we talking about and how long does it take to set it up on a website that is already online?

Our IFRAME BETTING API is a simple solution to personalize your website and guarantee the top of the iGaming markets in circulation. The configuration is simple and fast and it takes very little time to make it operational.

10 - If we talk about sports betting, how does the request change according to the territories? Are there still differences between the Country or has the market become uniform?

Some time ago there were probably still some territorial requests but now the market has become uniform from the sport point of view and the demands from a platform are the same all over the world. Sure, there are sports prevalent by continent, but a good iGaming platform must guarantee all games for all states. It is then the bettor who chooses which to bet on.

11 - If we talk about an eSport betting offer? What are the main events included in the schedule?

Esport betting has been growing for some time and more and more partners are asking us for our solution to expand their betting portfolio.

Today it is possible to bet on many markets and videogames. We offer all the eSport events available, especially those in the battlefield category - which are the most popular.

Among the most bet-on esports titles, we find League of Legends, StarCraft, WarCraft, CS: GO, Dota2 but not only ...

12 - Can you give us some examples of bookmakers who currently use your eSport betting solution?

Of course, we work with lots of partners!

In particular, I would like to point towards ODDS.GG, UltraPlay's multi-awarded eSports product, but also C-bet,, WinBet!

13 - Speaking of the casino platform, what are the necessary conditions to be able to offer a top solution?

The Casino platform has to offer both mobile and PC gambling for the players, but at the same time, it's necessary to provide a list of top-tier partner suppliers. Their games can make or break your success. We at UltraPlay have excellent partners who have been working with us for a long time and always try to offer the best to our customers.

14 - In all this time in UltraPlay, what are the major milestones you have achieved and of which you are proud?

All these years were full of new challenges but huge opportunities and big achievements too. The hard work of the team and the long professional experience have been rewarded with a series of awards.

Our company is known as the leading eSports odds and platform provider, 25 times awarded for its overall eSports betting solutions.

Only in 2021 our team grabbed its second IGA Esports Betting Software of the Year Award, The WIG Diversity Awards in the Best Use of Technology category and SBC Award Latinoamérica – Esports Supplier of the Year.

All these prizes are proof of the team’s efforts to make its eSports product even better.

15 - To conclude, I would like to make a small spoiler about UltraPlay and your work in the coming months. Are there any news coming out? What are the next land-based events where you can meet?

UltraPlay is constantly evolving and there are always lots of news for all our existing and future partners. Finally, after Covid19, we return on the road and we will be in ICE London shortly.

We invite you to visit our exhibition space and exchange Ideas with our team. This year UltraPlay will be a headline sponsor of the eSports Arena. You can meet us there between 12th and 14th of April.

Our team of iGaming experts will present the company’s latest product developments and innovative solutions.


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