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Nautilus Games Makes Waves at Sigma 2024: Reflecting on a Successful week in Manila

Nautilus Games reflects on an incredible experience in Manila at SIGMA Asia,

Amidst the bustling atmosphere, our team engaged in dynamic exchanges with industry peers, including operators and affiliates. From insightful discussions to collaborative brainstorming sessions, the event provided an invaluable platform for networking and forging new partnerships.

On June 2nd a team of 20 Delegates from Nautilus Games  made their way to Manila for the much anticipated Sigma Asia 2024 event at the SMX Convention Center, where over 3000 operators and an astonishing 20,000 attendees would be coming together for one of the biggest iGaming events of the year.

The team had come to showcase some of its biggest and best game offerings, with over 40 exciting slot games and 5 table games including a firm favourite Bau Cua which would also be played out live within the Nautilus Games booth.

Nautilus Games Showcases Bầu Cua at Sigma Asia

Bầu Cua is a traditional Vietnamese dice game typically played during the Lunar New Year celebrations (Tết). The game is similar to a simplified version of a casino dice game and involves a combination of luck and betting. Players place bets on images of six different symbols: a gourd (bầu), a crab (cua), a shrimp (tôm), a fish (cá), a rooster (gà), and a deer (nai). Three dice, each marked with these symbols instead of numbers, are rolled. Players win if the symbols they bet on appear on the dice, with payouts based on the number of matching symbols rolled. 

Bầu Cua proved to be a huge success at the event with over 1000 people taking part to enter into a lucky prize draw for a chance to win iPhones , iPads and Airpods! 

Nautilus Games Receives Two Award Nominations

The festivities began on the 3rd of June with our team attending Sigma’s awards ceremony at the Conrad Hotel, where we were thrilled to be nominated for two prestigious awards at our first major event. This is no small feat considering our company was newly founded in 2023! “We were humbled and elated to be recognized at this year’s awards ceremony for ‘Best Slot Provider Newcomer 2024’ and ‘Industry Rising Star 2024.’ This acknowledgment reaffirms our dedication to pushing boundaries and redefining excellence in the iGaming landscape. As acknowledged by our COO, Lucas Cheng, “we will be back next year to take the trophy home!”

Then, on to the main event. On the 4th, thousands of attendees made their way into the SMX Convention Center, and our team got straight to work meeting and greeting delegates from all sectors of the industry.

Many important new connections were forged, marking the start of many long-lasting collaborations.

Bau Cua Steals the Show at Nautilus Games’ Booth

But it wasn’t all work and no play—there was plenty of fun to be had at Booth D312! The much-anticipated game of Bau Cua drew large crowds of people eager to try their luck for a chance to win an iPhone 15, a 10th gen iPad, and some 3rd gen AirPods. 

At 4:45 PM sharp, the prize draw was made, and some lucky winners were announced to the large gathering crowds. Over the course of the two days, the game proved to be a huge success, with many people learning about this fantastic Vietnamese dice game for the first time. It was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase one of the many exciting table games available from our library of Slot, Table & Fishing Games.

Nautilus Games Sponsors iGathering Dinner at Okada Casino

To crown off a fantastic event, Nautilus Games and Wicked Games joined together to sponsor a wonderful iGathering Dinner at the fabulous “La Piazza” Restaurant in the Okada Hotel and Casino. 

Here, guests were treated to an exquisite assortment of canapés, complemented by a selection of fine wines and Champagne, creating the perfect ambiance to toast to a successful event. The evening was filled with laughter, lively conversations, and the clinking of glasses, celebrating the connections and achievements made throughout the week.

After dinner, the festivities continued as many guests headed onwards to a spectacular night planned by the SiGMA organisers at XYLO nightclub.

This grand finale was designed to cap the whole week off in style, offering an unforgettable experience. The vibrant atmosphere of XYLO, with its pulsating music, dazzling lights, and energetic crowd, provided the perfect backdrop for attendees to unwind and celebrate. The night was filled with dancing, networking, and creating lasting memories, truly embodying the spirit of SiGMA Asia and leaving everyone excited for next year’s event.

Event Roundup 

Nautilus Games‘ attendance at Asia’s biggest iGaming event, SiGMA Asia, was a tremendous success. Our team engaged with industry leaders, forged valuable new partnerships, and showcased our innovative games to a wide audience. The excitement at Booth D312, highlighted by our popular Bau Cua game and thrilling prize draws, added to the event’s success.

We’re thrilled with the recognition we received, including nominations for ‘Best Slot Provider Newcomer 2024’ and ‘Industry Rising Star 2024.’ We look forward to returning next year, bigger and better, ready to push the boundaries of the iGaming industry even further!

NAUTILUS GAMES stands out as an innovative B2B company, dedicated to the development of cutting-edge online gaming products. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to localisation, a commitment that ensures our products resonate harmoniously with the diverse tastes and preferences of each country in the region we serve.

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