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ODDS.GROUP won two awards during BEGE expo 2022

The year is already coming to an end but ODDS.GROUP keeps winning multiple awards.

The B2B iGaming provider was among the exhibitors at BEGE Expo 2022, which were held on November 23-24, in Sofia, Bulgaria. The company presented its complete iGaming package to the companies ready to start their online operations in the Central and Eastern European region.

This year the event brought to the company two more prestigious awards.ODDS.GROUP became Online Platform of The Year and NFTpay.GG won the award Best NFT Concept of The Year.

ODDS.GROUP is a name that reflects the company’s core values which are professionalism and dedication to its clients. This award is a big recognition for the company and confirmed its strong positions as a leading platform provider on the market.

NFTpay is the new company – part of ODDS.GROUP.

The company creates an exceptional payment software which provides liquidity to its users, by allowing them to use their NFTs as a deposit method. The quality of the product and the work of the team did not go unnoticed. NFTpay got its first recognition by winning best NFT concept of the year.

Martina Alexieva, Marketing Manager at UltraPlay – part of ODDS.GROUP commented on the occasion:

“It’s great recognition for the entire team of ODDS.GROUP, for their hard work and dedication in offering the best iGaming product and solution on the market.”

UltraPlay has been partnering with EEGS and BEGE Expo for several years now by endorsing the exhibition and conference with keynote speakers, discussion panelists, and its success stories shared with the industry’s stakeholders.

This year the CEO of UltraPlay(part of ODDS.GROUP) Mario Ovcharov took part in the Sales Pitch Zone during the first day of BEGE expo and talked about the rebrand of the company and the role of ODDS.GROUP as a leading iGaming provider on the market.


About ODDS.Group

Now a new chapter in the company’s history begins, UltraPlay and 3 more global brands were unified under one name, a single entity, – ODDS.GROUP. ODDS.Group is a name that reflects the company’s core values which are: professionalism, dedication to clients, and a passion for developing leading technologies in the iGaming and Sports Betting Industries. ODDS.GROUP comprises of UltraPlay, ODDS.GG, and NFTpay.GG. Everyone in the iGaming industry recognizes UltraPlay as a leading platform provider and ODDS.GG as a revolutionary eSports data-feed system designed for all operators. is one of the leading Crypto casinos with large variety of providers and unique eSports selection. NFTpay.GG is an entirely new project – an unique PSP platform that provides liquidity to its users, allowing them to spend their NFTs as a way to pay for digital goods or receive the equivalent amount of crypto to bet or trade with.


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