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SBC: Giovanni Bertoli (Wall Street Football) among the protagonists interviewed by iGaming Cafè

Giovanni Bertoli (Co-founder & CEO at Wall Street Football) is among the absolute protagonists of this event in Barcelona. Read our interview!

The global sports, esports and gambling industry is delighted to develop high-level networking and business at SBC Summit Barcelona.

The event is currently underway and will run until September 24, 2021, at Fira Barcelona Montjuïc.

As scheduled, SBC welcomes a large number of companies and delegates; among them, we reached and interviewed Giovanni Bertoli - (Co-founder & CEO at Wall Street Football).

Wall Street Football is the first B2B supplier of a platform for investing, betting and trading on the real performances of football players. WSF core-asset is a fully-automated mathematical and statistical model integrated with machine learning for analyzing data and forecasting future player achievements and actions.

WSF's main products are fixed odd bets (pre-match and live) and financial derivatives based on the individual performance of footballers (i.e. Player Props and WSF Performance Index).


. Hi Giovanni how are you? How are things going with Wall Street Football?

Thank you for asking. Actually, we are very busy.

Regarding betting products, we are experiencing huge traction in relation to our offer of Player Props Live, which is further shifting our focus from Daily Fantasy Sport to Sports Betting. At the same time, we have some interesting opportunities in other markets such as content-media and free-to-play gaming: this might lead us to open a business unit fully dedicated to these markets.

. Why did you choose SBC and what are your expectations about this Event?

Definitely the opportunity to network and share ideas with other colleagues in the industry. Furthermore, this year I am particularly fascinated and curious about the content of the conference, which looks very interesting.

. What's in store for the near future? Do you think SBC can help WSF develop and grow more?

We have several opportunities in front of us and I believe that an event like SBC can be useful also to refine strategically the company priorities on the basis of market trends and feedback from the industry. Rather than merely “talk to sell” I always try to “listen to learn”. In other words, we do not have prejudice to convince everyone in the world that our products and our roadmap are perfect and unchangeable, conversely, we interact with others in order to learn what are the needs of the industry and of our clients so that we can better satisfy these needs.

. How much did you miss in-person events and what upcoming events will WSF attend?

I want to say that SBC did a great job also with online events. That being said, we definitely missed the energy that you can feel during face-to-face interactions. This week it has been great to have WSF attending the SBC Barcelona conference, as well as the Enada Rimini event and the Turin Tech Week.

Now that we are on the road again, we will not stop: this year we will be attending events in the UK and Malta, and we are considering SBC North America too.


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