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Virtual Event: "Content Marketing in Online Casinos in Peru"

In digital times and especially that many industries have had to reinvent themselves due to various factors including the pandemic, the entertainment industry was in the need to migrate to various formats in their business, for which the online theme has had a considerable boom worldwide, but do we know how to implement new strategies for the online entertainment industry?

Digital Gaming - iGaming News in association with Play Advisors, the only NLP, Neuromarketing and Gamification consultant in Peru in the Gambling sector, announce their next virtual event "Content Marketing in Online Casinos" to be held on April 6th, directed to Peru and Latin America, where we will have the presence of leading panelists involved in online business, such as; Fiorella Vallejos - Marketing Manager of SOLBET, Yonathan Huari Sandoval - Executive of PICHANGA BET, José Daniel Hupio - Administrator of ZONA F and Edilsar Geremias Solis - Administrator of Perú Fortuna.

In this virtual conference, we will be able to understand Content Marketing, which is a very important tool to engage our target audience and grow leads through relevant and attractive content, generating values, and positioning your brand in a positive way.

In this online session, we will be able to share experiences about the strategies implemented by great brands that have managed to position themselves in the minds of consumers, forms of communication, and much more.

About the development of this virtual conference Renzo Escalante - CEO of Play Advisors comments: “This meeting, which brings together companies that operate various online betting formats, will allow us to know what initiatives are being done in this sector and how they are impacting the profitability of companies. We will also discover new techniques for customer retention and content marketing strategies at the 5.0 level”:

In turn, Marié Cubas CEO of Digital Gaming - Noticias iGaming said: “We are excited to give more content to our subscribers and community, as we believe that the industry needs more expertise in various areas and good content for the development of them. We believe that this virtual event is to share experiences that will be enriching for the industry".

To register for the event follow this link: (Limited spaces) for more information please contact us at:


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