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AffPapa and Banzai Partners announce new partnership

AffPapa is proud to announce that Banzai Partners has joined its directory as part of a new partnership.

Banzai Partners is an affiliate program that has been developing and introducing new initiatives to the iGaming market, gaining popularity among players from various nations. The affiliate program promises its partners reliability, exceptional offers, on-time payouts, and the most complete and up-to-date statistics for efficient work. Banzai’s primary GEO targets are Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and LATAM, with titles spanning from sports betting to casino and live casinos.

Through its new partnership with AffPapa, Banzai Partners will leverage the platform’s vast network of over 1300 affiliates to promote its offerings through AffPapa-registered affiliates, increasing its player base and overall traffic. AffPapa will also provide Banzai Partners with enhanced media coverage, bolstering the operator’s online presence across different channels.

Banzai Partners offers lucrative commissions, with up to 50% Revenue Share, as well as a sub-referral commission. Additionally, affiliates can choose to work with CPA and Hybrid models for their commissions.

Banzai Partners issued the following statement:

“At Banzai Partners, we are excited to announce our new partnership with AffPapa. We believe that AffPapa’s product is a valuable asset for operators looking to expand their business, and we are looking forward to working together to achieve our mutual goals. We are committed to building a strong and reliable partnership with AffPapa, and we are confident that our collaboration will bring great success and growth opportunities for both companies.”

Yeva Avagyan, AffPapa’s Head of Commercials, commented:

“The AffPapa team is very pleased to be working with Banzai Partners. The operator has appealing offers and products to promote, which our registered Affiliates will undoubtedly take advantage of in order to increase the operator’s player base. I am eager to see this collaboration prosper and enrich both companies.”

With Banzai Partners’ innovative products and AffPapa’s extensive network of affiliates, the partnership between the two promises to deliver exceptional growth opportunities for both brands.


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