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Africa iGaming on the Rise: Break Into The Thriving Market!

Africa's rising middle class, expanding internet access, mobile technology adoption, foreign investments, and deep-rooted sports enthusiasm have made it the new frontier of global sports betting.

Many local and international players are vying to establish their brands on the continent.

However, to succeed, it's crucial to recognize the unique preferences and nuances of each African market.

Technological infrastructure varies from country to country, with some favoring sports betting (like Uganda) while others towards traditional casino games (like South Africa). Understanding these distinctions is key to thriving in African sports betting and online casinos.

Eventus International hosts four distinct African events to keep attendees updated on localized trends, solutions, regulations, and business opportunities, ensuring success in this dynamic market.

Sports Betting East Africa Summit+ 2023 | Kampala, Uganda | COMPLETE The recent Sports Betting East Africa Summit 2023, held in the bustling city of Kampala, Uganda, shed light on the vast array of sports betting prospects available in the East African region. International operators and providers recognized the potential for fruitful partnerships with local specialists, adopting a proactive stance toward achieving success in the market. With tax updates from local regulators, strategies for localization, and insights into the future of AI and Esports in East African sports betting, the summit did not disappoint!

Sports Betting West Africa+ Summit | Lagos, Nigeria | 23-25 August 2023Sports Betting West Africa+ Summit 2023, is a pivotal sports betting summit in the region.

Taking place in the vibrant urban hub of Lagos, Nigeria, this event will showcase the unique and dynamic opportunities awaiting investors in the West African market. With global operators and providers eager to enter one of the fastest-growing sports betting regions in the world, this timely event will unite international innovators with local experts to turn groundbreaking ideas into business reality.


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