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Join USA Sports Betting Titans at AASBS in June 2023

As of June 2023, 33 American states allow legal sports betting and most others are putting frameworks in place to capitalise on growing demands for online sports betting across the nation.

The rising number of sports betting licenses in the United States presents lucrative opportunities for business growth in both B2B and B2C markets. In June 2023, Bet365 added Iowa to its sportsbook portfolio which already includes Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey and Colorado. This comes after Fanatics announced that it will be purchasing Betpoint’s US assets for $150 million. These developments suggest a strong desire for market share in USA sports betting.

24 million Americans expected to have placed a bet online by 2024

19% of Americans have placed a sports bet in the past 12 months

$45 billion wagered on sports each year in America

DraftKings is the most popular sports betting site in America

Experience Networking in Paradise with AASBS this June

Sports betting is a fast-moving industry in the USA with fast-changing regulations, technologies and business opportunities. Partnerships, knowledge-sharing (particularly in navigating regulatory changes), and collaboration are vital for capitalising on business opportunities in any market. With its diverse stakeholders, state-specific compliance requirements, and abundance of innovative products, having insider knowledge is crucial in achieving maximum success in this market.

Time is running out to register for All American Sports Betting Summit 2023! The event will be hosting its ‘Welcome to Paradise’ networking reception on 27 June 2023! This exciting networking opportunity provides the ultimate platform for cultivating relationships and partnerships that will drive growth in the US market. With only two weeks remaining to register, secure your spot and connect with industry giants like FanDuel, WagerWire, Bloomberg Intelligence, Caesars Entertainment, Catena Media, and DraftKings. This high-class event is a must-attend! Register for AASBA 2023 and be a key player in shaping the future of sports betting in the USA,


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