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Payment services in gambling: how to connect?

Slotegrator’s payment service solution, Moneygrator, integrates a variety of payment methods into online casinos and sportsbooks in a single integration session, connecting operators to local and international payment processors and supporting both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

Online casino and sportsbook companies are always looking for the most efficient tools for instant and secure transactions.

The gambling industry is traditionally considered high-risk, and it’s often difficult for market participants to find payment service providers.

To help them connect with the services they need, Slotegrator has released a multifunctional solution that combines a variety of payment systems for gambling markets around the world. Moneygrator offers over 250 payment options, all available with a single integration. The solution eliminates excessive administrative labor and a whole chain of intermediaries, making transactions fast and transparent.

To provide transactions for online casinos on their own, the operator has to connect each service separately. This takes a lot of resources that could otherwise be spent on solving strategic problems. Choosing a bank, opening a current account, preparing a package of documents, agreeing on conditions, signing a contract, and integrating tools for accepting payments into a website aren’t usually included in a standard algorithm.

Moneygrator was created with safety and stability in mind. Operators have to handle a high volume of transactions, large amounts of risk, and customer fraud. Moneygrator instantly detects and blocks dubious financial transactions and ensures safe deposits and withdrawals. Over the last 10 years, Slotegrator has built a widespread network of reliable partnerships, which today allows you secure access to various bank branches around the world.

Game projects usually attract players from multiple markets, so international and local payment solutions in different countries are available for Moneygrator users. The solution supports the processing of multicurrency payments and bank cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.). Other payment methods are also available, such as:

- Electronic money

- Credit cards

- Vouchers

- Mobile money

- Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Monero, and others).

In the event of a transaction failure, the technology makes it easy and seamless to switch between payment systems.

The set of features offered by Moneygrator gives the partner a sustainable competitive advantage, which ensures stable growth and development of the business. The solution can be adapted to any market. It is currently available in the following regions: India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Europe, Russia, CIS, and Latin America.


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