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SBC Digital Summit: The Betting Coach meets Adam Spisak – Sales Director at Spinmatic Entertainment

Adam Spisak talks about his first online event with SBC and the role of virtual exhibitor that his company – Spinmatic Entertainment, has decided to take on in this difficult period generated by Covid19.

SBC Digital Summit, the online event scheduled from 27 April to 1 May 2020, has broken down the distance barriers imposed by Covid19, offering the opportunity for networking between delegates and companies, projecting the gambling market towards new and interesting solutions for educate and do business.

Due to the pandemic in which we live, the summit took place online, recording incredible numbers of participants. We can say that SBC Digital Summit is a candidate to be the largest online betting and gaming event in the world ever.

A mix of virtual exhibition stands and interesting video analysis panels welcomed over 10,000 visitors from all over the world; an unprecedented success that lays the foundations for a new and future evolution in organizing events.

On the occasion, our team of The Betting Coach visited the virtual stand of Spinmatic Entertainment, one of the main developers and suppliers of superior quality casino games.


Founded in 2017, Spinmatic has revolutionized the slot market by producing superior casino games with the latest HTML5 technology. Its mission is to empower customers by offering high quality games to create the best gaming experience in the world


1 – Adam Spisak, meeting you at iGaming events all over the world is a custom for our group The Betting Coach! Meeting you in a virtual event is a real novelty! How is your SBC digital summit going and what are the differences with real events?

Hi friends, it’s always nice to see you!

This time, due to the pandemic, we cannot hug us or talk personally in front of a good coffee, but we can still take advantage of this online opportunity to greet and discuss new ideas.

Obviously I prefer real events and being able to meet people and do business directly, but this summit represented a great opportunity for us at Spinmatic to show our products and create new business relationships.

The event is going very well for us. And use the moment, I would like to thank Rasmus Sojmark and the whole SBC team for the opportunity they offered. I am very excited about the format and the future developments that will produce the SBC Digital Summit 2020.

Personally, if I have to make a comparison with the events as we used to know them, a funny idea comes to mind… And I hope not to be the only one with this thought…

… “In real events you wear a jacket and trousers, while in a virtual event like this you can wear only underwear while you are comfortably seated on an armchair at home !”


2 – Covid19 scares the global iGaming business. What has changed for your company since the beginning of the crisis and what are the measures put in place to combat it?

Covid19 worries the world population not only from a physical and psychological health point of view but also regarding businesses.

Many companies and not only gambling are having problems at the moment. Going back to gaming, shops are closed and live sporting events are canceled or postponed, leading to a stop of many sports-related businesses.

At Spinmatic, thanks to our online game production work, we have experienced very significant growth in recent months. We mainly work for the online casinos and online gaming market and requests have increased.


3 – With sports and betting at a standstill, casino games have experienced strong exponential growth. Which is the most appreciated and sought after Spinmatic game?

Yes you are right!

As anticipated, casino games and most virtual sports have grown a lot in recent months but also before the outbreak started.

I think that the whole industry is understanding the benefits of including virtual sports and games into your portfolio, and players are also enjoying the advantages of betting whenever you want and wherever you are.

At the online market, the best offer from Spinmatic would be ” Plata O Plomo”…

… which is my favorite one, and of course Poseidon and Betrick. I would also like to highlight our new game, in partnership with Helio Gaming, Spinalott where we create a unique product: a Lottery and Slot hybrid!

I love this amazing game and our customers will be able to try it soon!


4 – The digital summit, in such a difficult historical period, becomes the right opportunity to meet and make a group. What do you think of this event and what would you like to propose to SBC for future editions?

As I said at the beginning, it was a really nice event, and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to be part of this show and to meet all my friends, partners and work colleagues.

We have been happy to be virtual exhibitors of this great and important first online event and I am looking forward to participating in the next SBC events, virtually and live.

I hope the Covid19 situation will soon pass for everyone to be able to come back to meet us and make our sector even bigger!


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