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SiGMA Europe / Recap: Valeriya Nasypova, Sales Executive at Endorphina!

SiGMA Europe (14/18 November 2022), opened its doors to the top echelons of the global gambling industry and hosted corporate and delegates who arrived at the iconic and historic location of Malta.

The Betting Coach Group, for the occasion, has decided to create this interesting review with the absolute protagonists of this unmissable land-based event! In particular, we reached out to Valeriya Nasypova, Sales Executive at Endorphina*


Endorphina is a ​dynamic and creative company that lives and breathes iGaming development with consistently reliable mathematics and algorithms behind all games. The versatile portfolio of Endorphina’s online casino games ranges from both innovative and traditional themes, provoking and cute, and of course trendy and old-school. It’s clear that Endorphina is any winner’s first choice due to its professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding games. Official website:

Here is the interview

Hi, how are you? We are always happy to interview Endorphina delegates! How are things going for this amazing company?

Hi, I’m great, slightly tired after the Malta week but definitely great. Things are going really fast. As the industry grows, so do we.

Endorphina was among the leading companies of SiGMA Europe a few days ago, how was the Maltese week? What new achievements has your company recorded?

It was very intense, productive, and enjoyable indeed. Our team had a massive number of meetings with current and new partners.

Endorphina never ceases to amaze, event after event! Tanks, Robot Dogs, and now a crazy wheel of fortune! At SiGMA, your stand really amused us! How did the structural idea of the exhibition space come about and what did this idea arouse in your other guests?

I think our team is just a generator of crazy ideas, so we won’t stop surprising you Everybody loved that! There were lots of networking, high-end business, and great prizes!

What did those who did not visit stand S47 at SiGMA miss?

Lots of endorphins, because our wheel of fortune was basically an enlarged hamster wheel! It was absolutely fun

Do you know what I like about Endorphina? Your fantastic group of delegates… The entire industry considers your company one big united family, always ready to get involved and have fun at every little opportunity. One such initiative was EPIC 5k FUN RUN! Do you want to tell us some “funny episodes” of this beautiful day of collective sport?

Yes, absolutely. Since it’s rainy season in Malta, that epic Monday was one of those days where it rained non-stop since early morning, and we were literally praying for it to stop. And magic happened, our prayers were answered and exactly 1h before the run, the rain stopped and the sun came out! We had a beautiful run on the coast. I would like to say thanks to everyone who came, we really appreciate it!

What is the elixir of youth that makes Endorphina always dynamic and waiting to be discovered?

Life is about people, just like Endorphina is about people too. We have a great team of diverse individuals who love what they’re doing, and an environment where every idea will be considered. I believe this is the elixir.

Among the new games recently released we find Wild Streak. What are the early market feeds and what makes this slot interesting?

We didn’t release classic fruit slots for a while, so here it is! it has a risk game and bonus pop feature like the majority of our games.

More and more partners decide to add your products to their iGaming sites! What are the latest collaborations you recently announced?

Yes, we keep expanding in regulated markets! One of our latest partnerships was with the Microgame platform.

2022 is almost over and it’s been a great year for Endorphina! What are the main goals achieved and what new milestones are ready to be indicated?

This year is a year of entering new markets for Endoprhina. Our games are currently available in more than 20 jurisdictions. So a goal for next year is to keep expanding and growing brand awareness.

Let’s talk about the future and in particular about the next appointments with Endorphina! ICE London is definitely among them. Can you give us some little spoilers?

Yes, our team is already working on bringing more endorphins to the ICE London show. We cannot give you any spoilers, but you surely should visit our stand.

Finally, thank you for this interview! What do you feel like saying goodbye to our readers, your current and future partners, and your colleagues?

Thank you for the interview. Since the topic of the interview was about shows and exhibitions, I’d like to invite everyone to come and say hi to our team in London, as that would be the next show Thank you!


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