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Tenlot Group Launches Gamification Features

Tenlot enhances its sports betting and online casino offerings by adding additional features for earning points, winning prizes and personalizing levels of challenge, as well as new games based on real-time sporting events.

The international lottery and gaming operator Tenlot Group has just released new, engaging features from the gaming world to enhance the experience of playing its sports betting and online casino games.

“Tenlot’s sports betting and casino games derive from technology upgrades, including machine learning, to enhance the gaming experience, point-scoring opportunities and the diverse options for using collected points,” said Elad Beni, VP Marketing & Payment Solutions.

“Our integrated online shop now offers more bonuses, such as a free spin, cash, t-shirts and, for our most accomplished players, a top-model smartphone.”

Machine learning technologies help personalize player engagement, based on how frequently they play a particular game and their mastery of increasingly sophisticated levels of play.

Players will enjoy greater challenges while earning more rewards for their successes.

Chanoch Ben Simchon, VP Sports Operation at Tenlot, said,

“Tenlot is particularly excited about offering new real-time sport event-triggered tasks, which are spontaneous betting challenges based on live sporting events and games in progress. This area will attract a large following, with many opportunities to win cash and prizes.”

Other game-enhancing additions include new social and skill-based retention methodologies, which keep players engaged while offering additional points or prizes through mini-games.

This includes parallel bonus and point-collection synergy, introducing new gaming opportunities as a method for raising scores on the game in play.

In addition to new games and enhancements, Tenlot has invested in progressive graphic designs and special effects for a superior gaming experience.


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