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The Betting Coach: Interview with Giovanni Bertoli and Wall Street Football

Wall Street Football is an Italian start-up, Saas provider of an original and innovative platform to invest and bet on real performance of football players.

WSF is based on a fully automated mathematical and statistical model integrated with Machine Learning to analyze data and predict the future results and actions of the footballers. We met this company at SBC Digital Italy*. Our website has decided to deepen the topics and interview the Founder and CEO Giovanni Bertoli

*About SBC Digital Italy

SBC Digital Italy was one of the leading betting and gaming events in Europe.

The event brought together the most knowledgeable decision makers and experts of the Italian market, who shared their insights into the challenges developing in the evolving regulatory framework, the key factors for success in Italy, particularly relevant and emerging technological developments for the market. opportunities for companies to exploit the potential of the market.

1 – Hi Giovanni, we are happy to meet you again! How is the Wall Street Football adventure going?

Hi Domenico, my pleasure!

All great over here: perhaps with an opposite trend than the rest of Italy (where many are cutting), we are growing and we proudly hired two more people this quarter! We are also having a lot of fun designing and launching our first White Label Free-to-Play solution.

2 – For those unfamiliar with WSF, what does your Company offer? What is the product that best represents you?

We were the first Company to shift the focus from team results to individual performance of football players. Wall Street Football offers betting solutions and games related to the footballers performance on the pitch.

I think that the product that best represents us (and the name of the Company) is our spread betting and trading platform, where users can speculate on the performance of football players.

However, so far we have more requests for our simpler products such as odds feeds for under/ over markets based on the individual performance of players in football matches.

3 – The online betting market and new iGaming trends. Covid-19 has profoundly changed companies and players. How is the current situation regarding the market of the individual player performance?

Covid-19 forces people to watch sports events at home connected to the internet, rather than in a stadium or in a pub with friends.

These factors increased the importance of three key elements to engage users:

1) data to analyse and comment the match;

2) live bets in order to “feel” the match;

3) fun games to engage users at home.

Our live betting markets and fun games based on the individual player performance came in that logic.

4 – We have seen WSF participate in a large number of online events. How important are these appointments and how can they help companies like yours?

Attending industry events to connect with colleagues, clients and suppliers is very important both to develop business and to remain up to date with the last innovations and ideas. We are glad that many of these events were not cancelled but simply moved online.

5 – You were speaker of one of our in-depth panels at Gambling Affiliate Summit 2021. Thank you for accepting our invitation! How did you live this experience?

Thanks for having me. It was great to sit at a panel with industry experts to discuss innovation in the gaming area. I really liked the topic of the panel and I think it was a great fit for Wall Street Football. I definitely enjoyed the event.

6 – Wall Street Football participated in SBC Digital Italy as the official sponsor of the event. What was it like to be among the absolute protagonists of an event that brings together the top of the industry in circulation?

It was the first SBC Event focused on the Italian market: we really welcome this sort of initiatives so, as a company founded in Italy, we felt we wanted to be a sponsor. We actively participated on both days and we joined all sessions. I was personally a speaker in a panel related to the Italian advertising ban, where I shared my optimistic view on the fact that this regulation has forced the industry to innovate more and to invest in user engagement solutions.

7 – The iGaming market is constantly looking for technologies and new ideas to do business. How does Wall Street Football address this need?

By intersecting the betting market with the DFS sport and the financial ones, Wall Street Football has created very innovative products that can really boost the proposal of the iGaming market. But first of all, we are a tech company that has built very accurate models to predict the future performances of individual players and a fully automated risk management software. We are a B2B company so our products and services, our SaaS and feeds, our ideas and technologies are at disposal for the iGaming market and we always welcome new partners… We are just one email away!


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